Infinite Control provides a fully supervised security system that utilizes the latest technology to provide quality protection that is simple to understand and easy to use. Infinite Control is focused on being a leader in providing the highest quality of security products and services. For this reason, Infinite Control has partnered with two security industry leaders who are revolutionizing the way alarm systems work and are being used, 2GIG and

The 2GIG security panel is a high quality wireless alarm system that was designed to provide the highest level of security and safety. With the built in touch screen, the security panel looks good in any home and takes full advantage of modern technology.

All Infinite Control security systems are powered by which provide an interactive platform called Infinte Control that allows you to control your alarm system from virtually anywhere. That’s right, use your smartphone to arm or disarm your system, or login on your computer and change your passcodes, alarm settings, or even adjust the temperature on your thermostat. This is all in addition to providing quality protection and alerting authorities to intruders, fires, harmful gases, floods, and medical emergencies.


Alarm Panel

The brains of the system, this touchscreen keypad is standard with all new system installs.


Door/Window Contacts

Placed on doors and windows to detect when they have been opened. Points: 1

Smoke Detector

At the first detection of smoke, this will sound the system and alert authorities to the potential fire.
Points: 2

Motion Sensor

Picks up motion in a room by any moving object over 40lbs.
Points: 2

Glass Break Sensor

Detects the sound of broken windows. Points: 2

Key Fob

Allows you to arm or disarm the system from your keychain as you enter or leave the house.
Points: 1

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Detects carbon monoxide in the home and alerts authorities.
Points: 2


Allows you to control your thermostat remotely and adjust the temperature based on being in the home or not. Points: 3