A Different Kind of Alarm Company

Because every customer deserves the best we have to offer.
Infinite Control strives to provide the latest technology in all of its systems. This means that you are always getting a state of the art alarm system loaded with features that make having an alarm system a worthwhile investment. Infinite Control provides the following features.


Crash and Smash Technology

Patented technology by Alarm.com, security system destruction can be detected during the entry delay, so if your alarm system is smashed and destroyed before the entry delay is over, your signal will still be sent to the monitoring station.


Online Access

Access your alarm system from any internet connection and control your alarm system, adjust the alarm settings, and even change user codes.


Smart Phone App

Download the free app for any smartphone and be able to control your alarm system from you cell phone.

Cellular Transmission

NO LANDLINE REQUIRED! Don’t have a home phone line? No problem, we don’t need it. Infinite Control creates a wireless connection to the monitoring station through a cellular network.


Two Way Voice

Forms a direct communication between your alarm panel and the monitoring station so that an Emergency Response Operator responding to your alarm can hear what is going on in your home and communicate with you directly.



Makes having and using alarm system simple and easy. Know exactly what is going on with your system as the touchscreen communicates information that takes the complications out of having an alarm system. And did we mention it looks great too!

Energy Conservation

A Z-Wave compatible thermostat can be designed to adjust its temperature for when people are home as opposed to away. When you leave the house for the day and you arm your alarm system, the thermostat automatically adjusts to settings you determine to ensure energy savings.


Premium Monitoring

Interlogix, formerly GE Security, is a worldwide leader in both wireless and hardwire security equipment. Interlogix continually delivers high end products that can be counted on to provide the highest level of protection.


Smoke and CO Monitoring

With Infinite Control installed smoke or CO sensors alerts you to danger and allows you to worry about protecting your family during the emergency while we call the authorities. Even when your not home, your alarm is there to call in the fire saving valuable time in protecting your property.