Infinite Control. Anytime. Anywhere.

24th November 2012

Infinite Control Anytime Anywhere

Calgary- Providing the latest in Home Automation and Home Security, Infinite Control puts customers in control of their home Anytime, Anywhere. Founded by two security industry veterans with 22 combined years of experience, co-founders Scott Dry and Jesse Depew have worked to develop an affordable way to better protect your home, simplify life, and better control energy consumption. “Traditional alarm systems are like insurance” says Jesse Depew “you pay every month for something you hope you never have to use. But with home control, we integrate your alarm system with your lights, locks, and HVAC system to make life simpler by better managing your house while you are home or away. Our goal is to give customers a lot more than just security for a very similar price” With smartphone apps and an easy to use web interface, customers have the ability to control their lights, locks, thermostats and their security system wherever they have cellular or an internet connection. Forget to turn down the thermostat, do it from work, or ever wonder if you locked the front door, check it from your phone, and if it is unlocked, lock it with the simple press of a button on your phone. “An alarm system is no good if it is never armed” says Dry. “If you go to work in the morning without arming the alarm system, it won’t give you much protection. With the App, you can arm it from your phone if you forget, plus the ability to have it trigger functions like make sure the door is locked and adjust your thermostat to conserve energy while nobody is home.”

Infinite Control tries to make things simple. When you unlock your door, it can turn off your alarm system and turn the front light on, or have your thermostat automatically conserve heating or cooling costs when you leave the house. You can even set up heating or light schedules that change depending on when you are home or away. Most people have a programmable thermostat that you program to try to work around your schedule. With this thermostat, you still have the ability to program schedules around when you think you are going to be home or away, but with the ability to have it override those schedules when you are not home. “Why pay to heat the home when nobody is there? “ asks Jesse Depew “Our thermostat will automatically adjust to a different setting or temperature when you leave the house and re-adjust back to your schedule when you return home again, which can lead to some fairly significant savings.” “Security systems are supposed to provide peace of mind, this takes peace of mind to a whole new level with the ability to look at your phone and check on what is going on in your house at anytime, from anywhere” adds Scott Dry.

Infinite Control has the ability to integrate this new equipment with existing alarm systems in new or existing homes. Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide sensors, Cameras, Water Sensors, and Low Temperature sensors can all be added and integrated into the system. Packages start at just $99.

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