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What is a Security System?

 A security system is a set of components installed to detect and prevent potentially dangerous situations. They are generally made up of detection components, a control module, a keypad, and a siren. Its effectiveness is significantly improved when the system is connected to a monitoring center. This guarantees a rapid response by the appropriate authorities and thus increases security. 

What is a monitored Alarm System?

 A monitored alarm system provides the peace of mind of knowing that someone is always looking out for you. Whatever the emergency, when the alarm system is tripped, a signal is sent to a monitoring station where the Emergency Response Operator will make contact with your home through the two way voice. The operator will then dispatch the proper authority (police, fire, medical) to respond to the emergency. 

Is the system linked to the Police

 No. The security system is connected to a monitoring station where an operator confirms each alarm signal and determines how to respond based on the situation (check for false alarm or call the fire department, police, or emergency medical services as required). 

How much does it cost?

 Alarm systems can very greatly in price, but Infinite Control is working to create an affordable security solution that is flexible to your needs. Infinite Control provides a superior product that is priced comparable to that of a typical basic alarm system. 

Can I use a security system even if I have a pet?

 Yes. Although pets can be a challenge for security systems, particularly if they have free access to protected area, the system can be designed in a way that will still provide optimal protection even with the pet. 

Will my alarm system function in the event of a power outage?

 Yes. In the event of a power outage, the backup battery will take over for a number of hours. If the battery is low, the system will alert the monitoring center, who will then notify you of the low battery signal. 

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Do I have to have a phone line?

 No, you do not require a phone line at all. New technology has enabled alarm systems to communicate more effectively through other forms without the risk of the phone line being down or cut. 

Can I still get 2 Way Voice without a phone line?

 Yes, your system will still be able to communicate through the cellular connection to allow for the operator to connect with your home and communicate through the alarm panel, hands free. 

Do you install Cameras?

 Infinite Control does install cameras that work with the Infinite Control platform.  With a camera installed, you have the ability to view your home or business through any internet connection to see what is going on. 

What happens if I move?

 If your account is in good standing after 12 months, a $189 charge will be incurred to move and re- installation of a new basic alarm system.  Any equipment above the basic system must be taken to your new home (eg.  Cellular, motions, door contacts etc.) where they can be reinstalled. 

Is there a warranty on my alarm system?

Yes.  Each system comes with a full warranty to ensure your system continually keeps you protected. Based on the specific manufacturer it is typically 1 year.

Do you secure businesses?

 Yes, Infinite Control will secure any businesses or retail locations.