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 A lot of people are working hard to do their part for the environment. By trying to cut down on our energy consumption, we can help do our part to make this planet a little better off. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a little help in making this happen? Infinite Control is working hard to provide one small solution that can really add up to a lot of energy savings, an interactive thermostat connected to your alarm system.

So how does this thermostat cut down on my home energy consumption? It’s simple. Infinite Control replaces your old thermostat with a new one that communicates with your alarm panel through Z-Wave technology. Through the Infinite Interactive platform, you are able to set the desired temperature of your home for when you are home or away. The system automatically adjusts the temperature of the home to your settings for when you are away. As you come home and enter back into the home, the system again adjusts the temperature back to your comfort level, and therefore saving the energy used to heat or cool the house while nobody is there. You can always adjust your settings from a computer or on the go if you want the house nice and cozy for your arrival. And if you ever forget to arm the system as you leave the house; it is not a problem as you can do that from your phone or computer.
 As your alarm system works to conserve energy, it will also help to cut down on the power bill which can add up to a lot of savings.
 Just another way your alarm system is paying for itself as it protects what’s most important.