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Infinite Interactive Take control of your home from anywhere, anytime


Remote Control

Infinite Interactive powered by gives you complete control of your alarm system wherever you are.  By using our free smartphone app, or logging to your user portal from any internet connection in the world, you are able to have control of your alarm system on the go.  You can arm or disarm your system from your phone, check to see if your system has been armed from work, and even change a user code to give someone access to your home while you are away on vacation.  It gives you control to make sure your system is working the way you want it to when your not there with the peace of mind in knowing that you can check on your home at any time.

Email Notifications

Infinite Interactive powered by will notify you by email or text message any time your status on your system changes.  You have complete control to customize what messages you want to hear and how you want to hear them.  We give you option of being alerted to when a child comes home from school, the system was armed in the morning, or if there has been an emergency and the alarm has been sounded.  You will still be monitored and contacted by a trained professional emergency response operator, but you will receive the notifications via email or text message to help reduce false alarms.

Go Green. Go Infinite Control

New to Infinite Interactive powered by is the energy savings feature that gives you complete control of your thermostat through the Infinite Interactive login.  You can save money every month by having your thermostat synced with your alarm to save energy when you are not home and have it automatically change the settings when you arrive home or control it through the Infinite Interactive login.